SP Tuning SRT-4 Wotbox Settings

Published by Stephen Petrie on Dec 17th 2019

Due to popular demand we are going to do a small write-up and leave this information open and available at all times instead of needing to comment screenshots on what to change on the forums for the aggressive 2-Step settings on the N2MB Wotbox for the NSRT-4. These settings have helped us grown from our business startup from where we known as "Backyard Boost" but have since changed our name to SP Tuning and will continue operations under our new name. 

Disclaimer: Each wotbox sent out from us comes pre-programmed with these settings on them. We ARE NOT responsible and can not be held liable for any damage that can occur from using the information below. Also, these settings can trigger a C.E.L for missfire and can cause stumbling if used stationary without launching.

Wotbox found here

Step 1. Ensure your wotbox is connected to vehicle properly whether it is tapped into existing wiring or using the Kinettic Kreations P-n-P Harness (which we totally recommend).

Kinettic Kreations PnP Harness found here

Step 2. Make sure you are using the most up to date wotbox software version. If you do not yet have it installed a link to it will be provided below.

Link to software

Step 3. Open the Wotbox software and insert provided Serial to USB cable from wotbox purchase into USB port on computer and serial port to wotbox.

When the software opens it should look like this:

Step 4: Turn your SRT-4 on and click "READ". The software should not look any difference besides seeing some activity in the "Vehicle Snapshot" area and the empty white box next to it.

Step 5: Copy over our settings from this screenshot below. Primarily we set the RPM to 5000 and enable Alternate RPM to 5250. Below Alternate RPM you will see we have changed the TPS Threshold from 3.00 to 0.26. 

Step 6: Verify that your settings now match the above and click "WRITE" on the upper right hand of the software. At this point the programming should take action. Once programming has completed you will now have a much more aggressive 2-Step/Launch Control for your SRT4.