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SP Tuning

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You save $12.50
You save $12.50


Introducing the SP Tuning Titanium Intake Manifold Stud Kit for the NSRT4!

Are you tired of trying to juggle your intake manifold gasket while installing your intake manifold? This kit not only looks good but makes the install of your intake manifold a breeze! Available in a raw or burnt finish.


  • Adds style to your engine bay & intake manifold
  • Ease of install with supporting gasket
  • Easy to install with a 3mm allen key slot at the tip of the stud
  • Available in raw or burnt finish

Need a new intake manifold gasket? Grab one here!


Note: With installing this stud kit the fitment is extremly tight between the intake manifold and thermostat housing neck. We have found that slightly shaving the tip of the upper passenger side stud or slightly shaving the outer face of the intake manifold moutning flange corner near the thermostat housing will allow you to be able to pass it through without removal of the thermostat housing neck.

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SP Tuning

    1 Reviews

  • Posted by Zachary Gilvin on Nov 2nd 2023


    Titanium Intake bolts

    They work perfectly. And they showed up in a pretty well packed box.