SP Tuning Drop-In Fuel Pump Canister | Neon SRT4

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Introducing the SP Tuning NSRT-4 Drop-In Fuel Canister! 


Our drop-in fuel canister gives you plenty of options and saves you the time and hassle of trying to modify your own fuel canister. If you are looking to start upgtading your NSRT-4 to start handling more power, it is very important to make sure that you have the fuel system needed to follow suit. The factory canister assembly and usage of pump has a bottleneck that is known to limit the amount of fuel your pump can push. This unit here eliminates that worry completely by removing the bottleneck and allow a direct fuel flow from the outlet of the pump.

The making of new -6AN fuel lines is necessary for this unit or you could purchase our complete kit here with all lines pre-made, in-line filter and fuel pressure regulator included.


  • Optional to send in your fuel pump canister to be modified or have a new one made for you
  • Direct drop-in unit with no modification to housing or tank
  • Supports 500+WHP
  • Optional fuel pump or canister by itself

Supporting up to 500WHP

 - Proven to support up to 500whp with the use on pump gas 93oct and tested on our shop car is our drop-in 255 canister unit with -6AN Feed/Return

 - No modifications necessary to use other than AN fuel lines.

Supporting up to 650WHP

Proven to suppoer up to 650whp the walbro 450 fuel pump is a great candidate for most street use cars.

- Direct drop-in canister unit

- No modifications necessary to use other than AN fuel lines.

- Modified canister with extended fuel sock to prevent low pick-up fuel issues below 1/4 tank.

*Other pump options coming soon*

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